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Cardiologist in New York

Dr Brown has been an excellent resource for me when I have had challenging cardio-oncology patients. She always takes the time to provide research-supported advice and to share her own experience.

Physician in North Carolina

Dr. Brown has been an excellent resource for helping me to optimize the cardiac health of my patients. It is rare that you find a cardiologist like Dr. Brown who approaches patient care with a wholistic lens. This is greatly needed now more than ever.

Us Navy Physician

Nothing can feel more frustrating than coming to a medical decision point where despite countless years of training, answers are elusive! Having gotten to that point, yet being able to rely on a niche physician with even more years of training and experience is a welcome, unburdening extension of care providing needed answers. Dr. Brown provided those needed answers for one of my patients with heart failure and a very complex medical history. Dr. Brown's input has led to improved quality of life for my patients and the knowledge shared was also highly valued by the other primary care physicians in my practice.

eConsults Explained

Our two brochures below explain the process of obtaining eConsults and benefits to your patients, your practice, and you. We look forward to serving you!

eConsults Query

Reach out to us at any time with questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, or ideas!

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